All Australian incorporated associations, such as NWDVCAS, are required by law to establish a Board of Management which is responsible for the overall governance, management and strategic direction of the Service, as well as for delivery of accountable performance in accordance with the Service’s goals and objectives.

The role of the Board of Management is to create and approve major core policies that outline the Service’s mission values, vision and structure. Its main tasks include legal and financial accountability, strategic vision and objectives, and advocacy.

A Passionate board of Management

The NWDVCAS Board of Management is comprised of elected individuals, generally drawn from the local community, and who have relevant qualifications and/or experience in the specific area of focus of the Service or in governance. The current Board consists of voluntary members experienced in the fields of the law, aboriginal, multicultural and community services, finance, mental health, substance use, and domestic violence services. All too have a strong knowledge and understanding of issues impacting women who are experiencing domestic and family violence.